$ 61.20

brand Ecua-Andino (equa Andino)
In 1630 from Ecuador Hat Napoleon, Winston Churchill, etc.
Many famous people have been loved.
And Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, visited the construction site of the Panama Canal is
Was wearing a traditional hat of Ecuador. Spread in the world photos
Ecuador-born hat now called 'Panama hats'.
the hair make Ecua andino
By size using the straw of a carefully selected natural shawls from 1 week
Make up in six months.
country Made in Ecuador
fabric Panama 100%
< Tape > polyester 100%
a size
Size Head circumference Collar Weight
M 57 cm 4 cm 68 g
L 58 cm 4 cm 74 g
XL 59 cm 4 cm 82 g

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